Our Investments

Since 2010 Beneke Wire has invested in upgrading our equipment and processes. These upgrades have saved over 42 million gallons of water, and over 3.8 million kwh of electricity. These items reduced our carbon footprint by over 12 million lbs of CO2 emissions.

42+ million gallons of water

3.8+ million kwh of electricity

12+ million lbs of CO2 emissions

Sustainability Policy

In an effort to ensure that Beneke Wire Company is operating in a sustainable manner, we have developed the following policy to demonstrate Beneke’s commitment to be a valuable member of our industry, community, and the Beneke Family comprised of owners, employees and their families.

We feel it is appropriate to identify our responsibility and commitment to the following Topics and establish measurables as a check and balance to the success of our goals.

Ethical Behavior

Beneke operates under fair labor standards and their policies and procedures meet or exceed all local, state, and federal employment regulations. We will strive to make our workplace a comfortable, safe workplace with respect to Health and Safety standards.

  • Periodically review salaries and wages and react to deficiencies in identified areas. This review will include a benefit package offered to employees.
  • Periodically invite Kentucky Training division of OSHA to conduct an assessment of our property and facility to ensure safe practices. We are committed to evaluate and act on each and every recommendation made during this assessment.
  • Routinely meet with each shift for comments and review of work practices. Injuries and near misses are evaluated and vetted to prevent reoccurrence.
  • Provide reporting mechanisms for any employee with a concern so that we might evaluate and improve.
  • Treat people fairly and consistently with regards to policy adherence and disciplinary action.

Philanthropic Activities

  • Beneke maintains an aggressive donation policy from year to year in an effort to be a good community steward.
  • Beneke encourages employees to donate their time in the community especially in the areas of youth involvement. Counseling, coaching, and mentoring are valuable ways to be community leaders.
  • Beneke stays involved in industry organizations and customer training.

Environmental Policies

  • Beneke is committed to reducing waste and harmful emissions.
  • Beneke monitors and recycles both aluminum and packaging supplies when possible.
  • Beneke strives to conserve energy in the form of gas and electricity; conserve water; and work towards elimination of all wastes, both hazardous and non-hazardous. We will monitor CO2 emissions and work to reduce them.
  • Beneke will maintain their footprint in the community and keep the building and grounds up to a higher standard than our surrounding neighbors.

Economic impact

  • Beneke will make every effort to meet the needs of our:
    • Employees by identifying and bridging the gap on work environment, wages, benefits, and lifestyle. We are conscious of family responsibilities and encourage employees to maintain a healthy family.
    • Customers by identifying and meeting requirements for Quality, Pricing and Service.
    • Industry through data trending and identification of changes in the industry and working out solutions before needs arise.

Wall of Honor

In recognition of Beneke Wire Company’s contribution to the United State’s aviation and space exploration heritage, The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum has inscribed the Beneke name on its Wall of Honor, as a permanent testament to our commitment to, and passion for, flight.