Specialty Aluminum Wire

The People

Metallurgical Engineers

Our on-staff Metallurgical Engineers work with you to answer your questions, and to help you develop the best manufacturing process for your needs. At Beneke, we want to produce the wire that’s best for you!

Beneke wires lab
Beneke wires lab

Highly Skilled Production Staff

Our highly skilled production staff readily accepts the responsibility for in-process quality control. These craftsmen know their wire, and strive to produce the highest quality aluminum wire and rod available.

Over five decades of experience in helping our customers cut their productions costs, save machine time and reduce scrap

Beneke 50 years selebration


Ken Downs / President
Mike Beneke / Assistant Vice President of Sales
Steve Beneke
Steve Beneke / Assistant Vice President of Operations
Shannon King
Shannon King / Plant Manager
Kevin Shartzer / Sales Manager
Dan Hale / Lean Manufacture Manager
Joe Dant / Production Manager

Support Staff

Steven Glasscock / Inside Sales
Dwayne Young / Plant Engineer
Michael Dant / Plant Metallurgist
Larry Perkinson / Production Planner
Jenna Scrogham / Receptionist

Wall of Honor

In recognition of Beneke Wire Company’s contribution to the United State’s aviation and space exploration heritage, The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum has inscribed the Beneke name on its Wall of Honor, as a permanent testament to our commitment to, and passion for, flight.

Our Commitment is Quality.

Let us show you.

Beneke 50 years selebration
Beneke made in america